Fresno County Tourist Attractions

Fresno County is home to 1.88 million acres of the world's most prolific agriculture, for which it is renowned. It boasts over 10,000 hotel rooms and several cutting-edge sports and convention facilities.

Fresno, located in Central California, has roughly 300 sunny days yearly. It is the only urban city in California between three national parks, with Yosemite, Kings Canyon, and Sequoia within a 90-minute drive.

The area provides a wealth of outdoor activities in a landscape brimming with natural beauty, whether you are searching for an easy trek or one that is more difficult.

We also have an extensive directory of outdoor activities that might interest you at or if you want to add other destinations to your bucket list or specific activities.

Meanwhile, here are some of our recommendations.

Fresno: Private Day Trip to Chaffee Zoo & Millerton Lake

Get behind the wheel of your car and follow your guide as you go from one stop on a private walk-and-tail tour to the next. When you reach your destination, your guide will locate a parking spot for you before beginning your walking tour.

What to expect:

● Travel in the convenience of your automobile.

● Feed the giraffes and pet the stingrays at Chaffee Zoo.

● Stroll along the historic Kearney Boulevard.

● Check out the murals that decorate the Fulton District.

● Enjoy breathtaking vistas of Millerton Lake and Friant Dam.

Meet your guide early in the morning and begin the day with a quick introduction and overview of the trailing procedure.

Then, board your car and accompany them to the Chaffee Zoo, the day's first destination. You may feed giraffes and pet stingrays as part of the zoo's safari experience.

Next, drive down Kearney Boulevard as you approach Kearny Park to photograph the Olive Grove. Stop in the Fulton District in Downtown Fresno and purchase a meal at your own cost. Admire the many murals that cover this neighborhood.

Follow your tour to Millerton Lake, the origin of Fresno County. Enjoy spectacular views of the lake and the Friant Dam. Return to the Northside region of Fresno in the late afternoon to conclude the day.

Lakes in Kings Canyon National Park

More than 3,000 lakes and ponds and 2,600 miles of rivers and streams are located entirely within the confines of Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks.

Rae Lakes and the Kings River are two of the most prominent attractions in Kings Canyon, with the Rae Lakes Loop acting as a popular hiking track.

Fishing, kayaking, and rafting are popular activities along the Kings River, which flows through the park.

Spring and early summer are the most remarkable periods for recreational pleasure, depending on snowmelt.

Grizzly Falls (with a picnic facility) and Mist Falls are among the many waterfalls in Kings Canyon National Park.

Kings River

Kings Canyon, formed by the Kings River, which originates in Kings Canyon National Park, is deeper and narrower than the Grand Canyon.

Hiking routes are the only way to get to the national park's northern portion of the river. It has a lot of fishing options and is a popular whitewater rafting destination.

Pine Flat Lake was formed when the Pine Flat Dam was built, and it is the river's sole large reservoir. In the southern reaches of the river, which flows from Pine Flat Lake to Sanger and Reedley, there are several readily accessible places.

Local Parks

In one of the numerous parks in Fresno County, you may play, run, stroll, and discover the natural beauty of the region. The 300 days of sunlight each year provide plenty of possibilities for inhabitants and tourists to spend quality time outside.

  • Take a trip around the 300 acres of Woodward Park's enticing environment, including gorgeous lakes and towering trees, many of which are adorned with vibrantly colored leaves in the autumn.
  • Make use of the park's extensive grassy areas to play a sport or relax on one of the numerous seats with breathtaking views. The Shinzen Japanese Garden, one of Fresno County's cherished beauties, is tucked away inside Woodward Park.
  • Enjoy a picnic or BBQ in Woodward Park and historic Roeding Park, which has picnic tables and picnic shelters spread over its 159 acres.

The Fresno Chaffee Zoo, Rotary Playland, and Storyland are located in Roeding.

Because of its large white columns and wisteria that drapes down during certain times of the year, the Historic Pergola in Roeding Park is a popular location for small weddings and picture sessions.

In Fresno, Oso de Oro Park is a relaxing area for family picnics and playtime. With dozens of play structures and a wheelchair basketball court, the park's general landscape is built for simple wheelchair access.

Letterman Park's skateboard park, as well as the softball and baseball fields adjacent to Rotary Park and Sierra Bicentennial Park, provide a variety of play structures, picnic spots, and other amenities.

Walking Trails

Because of the warm California weather and the diversity of paths in the region, Fresno County is an excellent spot to run, stroll, ride a bike, or skate for enjoyment.

  • Paved rail-trails link Fresno and Clovis, providing paths for recreational activities and access to attractions in a traffic-free environment. It has over 6 miles of trail.
  • The well-kept, tree-lined walkway is right across from Old Town Clovis and near Sierra Vista Mall.

It starts south of Dakota and Clovis Avenues and ends at Willow and Nees Avenues as the Sugar Pine Trail.

The four-mile Sugar Pine Trail makes it simple to visit restaurants and shopping centers, such as the famous River Park Shopping Center.

The Parkway Trail Network, separate from the rail trails, allows all visitors to immerse themselves in Fresno County's natural splendor completely.

The network's most well-known trail, the Eaton Trail, is 6 miles long and offers stunning views of the riverbed.

Shorter paths in the network connect to the San Joaquin River's banks near Woodward Park and Lost Lake Recreation Area.


In Fresno County, there are several lakes, reservoirs, rivers, streams, and ponds where you may cast your line.

  • Huntington and Shaver Lakes, Millerton Lake, the San Joaquin River, and Dinkey Creek are among the most popular fishing spots.
  • Lake Edison, Florence Lake, Courtright Reservoir, and Wishon Reservoir are popular fishing spots further in the Sierra.

In Kings Canyon National Park, there are several less-frequented fishing spots. Day hikes or multi-day backpacking journeys may reach these fishing places.

  • The Kings River runs through the park, and there are over 3,000 ponds and lakes in Kings Canyon and Sequoia National Parks.
  • You may catch bass, catfish, salmon, trout, and other species. Virginia Lake in Fresno County produced the state's largest golden trout.


Fresno County is full of fitness and hiking activities, with approximately 300 days of sunlight a year, breathtaking scenery, and dozens of readily accessible routes.

  • The route to Pincushion Mountain Peak, which runs beside Millerton Lake, is a three-mile moderate hike with a more strenuous ascent towards the summit.
  • With spectacular views of the lake and the Sierra Nevada in the distance, the vista from the peak provides maximum enjoyment.
  • The route is stunning in the spring when wildflowers blossom against a background of lush green hills.
  • The ideal time to park in the South Finegold Day Use Area is early morning when there are fewer people.
  • The views of the setting sun in the evening, however, are breathtaking.

There are many routes to explore around Shaver and Huntington Lakes and bucket-list-worthy hikes in Kings Canyon National Park for moderate to more experienced hikers.

With each glimpse at the gigantic sequoia trees, wide-open meadows, glittering lakes, and untamed rivers, you will be psychologically and physically recharged.

Skiing and Winter Sports

The Sierra Nevada's spectacular snowfall brings the chance to enjoy the fresh powder on skis or a snowboard.

China Peak, near Shaver Lake, has a base elevation of 7,000 feet and a summit elevation of 8,700 feet.

  • The majority of the ski resort's trails are categorized as intermediate, advanced, or expert, with a handful designated for novices.
  • Nearly 50 trails with several lifts and three moving carpets in the novice section are available.
  • Try a snowshoeing stroll in Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks for something less mainstream.
  • When weather permits, two-hour, one-mile ranger-guided excursions are conducted on weekends.


Cycling is a popular method for Fresno County residents and tourists to get some exercise while enjoying the outdoors.

Several century rides are held in the region throughout the year.

  • The California Classic Century Ride is one of them since it is the only cycling event that allows participants to bike along a highway that is closed to automobiles.
  • The bike-friendly region has rail-trails that link Fresno and Clovis and tiny bike repair facilities in most parks.
  • The Clovis Dry Stream Trail has several rest spots where you may relax while listening to the soothing sounds of a nearby creek.
  • The route passes past several large parks with playgrounds and the beautiful Clovis Botanical Garden.

The Clovis Old Settlement Trail, which covers 5.8 miles and passes through the historic, western-themed town of Old Town Clovis, connects the trail's southern end. Stop at a nearby diner or café to refuel.

Woodward Park's well-maintained roads and trails provide cyclists with a magnificent natural environment.

The Lewis S. Eaton Walk, which begins in Woodward Park and offers views of the magnificent riverbed, is a popular 6-mile paved trail.

Fresno Cycling Club lists morning and evening bike group meet-ups and other resources and activities.

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